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Message from the President


With the vision to provide Japanese consumers with overseas confectioneries in high quality & reasonable price, we established NS International Corporation in June 2002.


In 10 years' business, whenever we find unique overseas products, we feel the pleasure to create  smiles and happiness through confectioneries. At the same time, we recognize the high standard of quality standards in Japan.


By regarding Japanese QC standard as a benchmark, all of us are severely working for selection including raw materials so that we can promise to provide products with high quality.


Recently, we often see retailers developing overseas products themselves. However, due to the cost barrier for quality checking and logistics issues, we are receiving more and more requests for all tasks including QC issue, improvement of flavor for Japanese consumers, package creation, any import procedure by container unit.


For price aspect, we work on making it lower by  aiming at half of national brand products' and are achieving mass-purchasing by FCL container units.


This is one of our strong points and is enabled by the synergy our nationwide 13 NS members provide.


Seeing things more globally in the recent shrinking market in Japan due to low birth rate and longevity, we bring enormous passion to intermediate trade and maximizing our ability to develop products for special events like Valentine's day or summer vacations. Through our supports to retailers, we are and will be creating new confectionery culture.


We appreciate your continuous support and cooperation toward our business. 




NS International Corporation 

Haruo Sato, President




Corporate philosophy


  1. Creating the confectionery culture of tomorrow.
  2. Constructing co-existence and co-prosperity community of No.1 management practice in the confectionery industry.


Operating policy


NS members shall openly provide management know-how and resource with other members. By sharing them, each member try its prosperity respectively.


NS charter


  1. We respect equal & fair operations and devote all our energy to the prosperity of NS members.
  2. We carry out our mission by understanding equal & fair rights and duties of NS members.
  3. With sense of trust as comrades, we have heart-to-heart talks with NS members.
  4. We devote all our energy to the cooperative group activities with strong solidarity.
  5. We make use of great function of NS members for the prosperity of our group.


Our policy, slogan