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Suggestions on creating attractive sales spaces


  1. Our NS members support retailers with suggestions on creating attractive sales spaces.
  2. We suggest sales spaces where retailers' margin are well balanced by mixing overseas products, domestic private label / national brand items.
  3. Abundant product line-ups supplied by NS International Corporation can meet requirements to create sales spaces specialized in imported items.


We suggest sales spaces by 3 feet x 2 units of display racks.








Product appealing boards/bands for display racks of overseas products are available.


Product appealing board (over gondola use)




Product appealing band (shelf board use)




We recommend retailers handling overseas products under their own brand.


  1. We can develop valuable & attractive products as store brands.
  2. We can support product developments and planning of original brands for differentiated sale spaces.
  3. We wish to be of service for all retailers.



Product delivery


1.Basically, we can deliver the products all over Japan through our NS members.

2.Depend on delivery quantity, we can offer the below options;

  • Direct delivery to distribution centers(DC), transfer centers(TC) or secondary wholesalers.
  • Delivery by marine containers (goods without being unloaded) to the customers' logistics centers from Japan main port like Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe or Hakata. 
    Logistics cost cut by this method is reflected into the price.
    We are confident to help retailers in mass-purchasing and displaying.












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