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About planning, marketing, safety and quality


Planning concept


Valuable from the world


  1. We mainly plan JPY 100 items.
  2. We plan products which can be sold continually.
  3. We make a deal with overseas manufacturers directly.
  4. We make a design for Japan.
  5. We stick to taste, quality, quantity for Japanese users.



About research activity of imported products


We visit to international exhibition and collect information to research and find imported products which distribute to Japanese market.

We make our motto as follows;

Let's find products which make people happy beyond countries from over the world! Let's deliver not confectionery but smile!








Process of planning



  • Finding products
  • Planning, creating and decision of directional movement of design
  • Selection of products by product selection committee.
  • Decision about price, packing, and terms & conditions.



  • Factory inspection
  • Request food inspection in their countries



  • Making ingredient information and production flow chart
  • Checking compliance
  • Testing chemical test of food
  • Testing allergy and nutrition information
  • Making  ingredient and nutrition information label



  • The defined package size and packing material
  • Making package design


quality_img_flow05-01.jpg quality_img_flow05-02.jpg quality_img_flow05-03.jpg

  • Decision of the designated sales figures as the first quota to NS group companies
  • Order to manufacturer
  • The defined departure day and arrival day 
  • The defined arrival day to  our distribution-center warehouse
  • Delivery to NS group companies



Working on safety and quality


  1. We carry out factory inspection before dealing with new manufacturers.
  2. We ask manufacturers to make sure of safety to comply with Japanese regulation whether they can comply with Japanese food sanitation law after testing in their local laboratory.
  3. We carry out food inspection at official inspection institute checking allergy, food additives, agricultural chemical, and bacteria, after obtaining and check ingredient information and production flow chart.  
  4. We carry out food inspection on a voluntary basis twice a year.
  5. We carry out food inspection depending on the characteristics of category.
  6. Soon after receipt of complaints from customer, we immediately ask manufacturers to submit corrective action request to work out measures for preventing a recurrence of this accident.
  7. We carry out random inspection of new products when we receive them at our distribution-center warehouse.



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